The last words….

First, I should say that this lesson should be given not last year. If I had taken CALL a few years ago, it would be much more useful. Secondly, because of limited internet connection in the dormitory, I had some difficulties to submit tasks on time.  Those two things are bad things about my experience. 

Good things! 🙂 Certainly, I have learned lots of useful things tools and applications through CALL. I feel happy about taking it. One lucky thing is that we have met with Mr. Akayoğlu.  You have inspired us to broad our viewpoint. You really did that. And lastly “Thanks for your kindness”



Once when I was first year student in the university, I tried to prepare a webpage. This is the second time I will prepare a web page for my final project for CALL lesson. We will use weebly for that. 

ı have started to use it. It seems not difficult to use. Teachers can create web pages for their classes and can share lots of thing: links, media(videos especially), readings and so on.


ImageIf I use Podcast for my lessons.

1. I will record my voice and share from audioboo with my students.

a) I can read a text for my students
b) I can talk about details about a schoold/lesson activity
c) I can record my voice for share anything that can help them for pronunciation or for limproving listening skills.

2. I can ask students to record their voices for speaking activities.
This can be helpful because some students can’t speak in front of class. They can record their voice in a relax atmosphere and can share.

Movie Maker and Story Jumper

One day, if I become a teacher, I will use movie maker and story jumper when I couldn’t find appropriate story videos for my students’s level. I can create story or I can adopt readings or stories for students.

Using story jumper is too easy , if you have a few time you can create a story  easily. When I first  used movie maker , it seemed a bit difficult but then, I tried almost every button and I saw what was going on and so that I learned how can I used it 😀

Computer Mediated Communication

ImageEveryone knows something about facebook, twitter and skype. They are fabulous things. The matter is how we use them.

Facebook groups are certainly useful. Our teachers created groups for our lessons. They have chance to access us out of lesson time.  We can also use such groups on facebook when we become a teacher because every student has a facebook account so when they are online, they will check group in few seconds or  minutes about what is going on.





Twitter. I think it is wonderful , miracle …. and so on 😀 It takes a few seconds to get news. For last days, I have recognized how useful it is. If I had a smart phone know, I would constantly check what is going on easly. Twitter shows news event tv channels couldn’t/don’t show 😉










I haven’t used Skype for years because I have used Messenger. The only different and important thing is that you can call a phone through skype and have a chat.


ImageIt is a virtual education enviroment that enable students and teachers to come together. Through online courses the teachers can reach more students and students could find more about everything they search. The teachers can schedule lesson through wiziq. 

I think the most useful thing in wiziq is that if you are searching for some courses and if you don’t have enough time to go some courses about your profession area, one can take courses through wiziq. Take some coffee , there the course 😀 

Through those courses people can interract with other countries that is somehow useful because this broadens one’s view point of his/her profession area or area that s/he wants to improve.

Students can have the opportunity to access their friends , people from other countries. They can ask questions, take quizes. 


First I should say that I didn’t like Nicenet, but it has lots of advantages:

1. You can share documents.

2. You can have virtual classroom/course.

3. A teacher and students can used it with their special codes that makes a reliable internet application, appropriate for students.

4. If you have limited time, you can work with students out of class, There is no need to come together at a planned time.

5. Students can submit their works through nicenet.

6. A teacher can make quizzes, tests through nicenet.

7. A person can have course which s/he want but do not have time, without going to a course at a specific time.

8. You can share links.

You see, lots of useful thing but still I don’t like it 🙂